Client and Funding Source: National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
Contract duration: 2019
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PROJ 2019 PPA01

The Provincial Product Accounts (PPA) Scoping Study aims to assess data readiness and identify the gaps towards institutionalizing the PPA. Developing provincial-level data means Philippine local government units (LGUs) will have access to more accurate information for use in the formulation of, among others, government interventions, policies, and investment programs. At present, the commonly produced and distributed data sets from Philippine statistical agencies are still only broken down to the per-region level.

The main activities for undertaking the PPA Scoping Study are:

  1. Pre-Workshop: The review of literature that will result in the identification of data needs, gaps, lessons learned, and preliminary cost estimates through a review of existing PPA methodologies and the current Philippine System of National Accounts (PSNA). The preparation of a pre-workshop questionnaire on available provincial data to be accomplished by provincial LGU representatives, among others.

  2. Conduct of Workshops: Reporting by LGU workshop participants on available provincial-level data and related issues. The Study will cover all sixteen regions (except NCR), represented by one province and one highly urbanized city per region.

  3. Post-Workshop: The conduct of key informant interviews (KII) and focus group discussions (FGDs) with representatives of national/regional government agencies and other stakeholders to supplement and validate the results of the workshops.

The resulting PPA Scoping Study will provide policy recommendations towards the institutionalization of the PPA methodology and will include cost estimates for further PPA studies and for the identified methodologies for addressing data gaps (i.e., services and institutional structures).

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