(2018 - 2020)

Client and Funding Source: National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
Partner: Tractebel Philippines; UPLB Foundation Inc.

Contract duration: 2018 - 2020
Theme and Strategy:
Area-focused Development; Natural Resources Management Planning



The project will involve the creation of a comprehensive and sustainable master plan for Manila Bay and the immediate coastal zone with the larger catchment as the influence sphere under Component 1 (Strategic Planning Phase); the Master Plan will be consistent with national, regional and local priority policies including other management and development plans. Component 2 will be the Operational Planning Phase that will lead to an Action Plan and further fine-tuning of the Master Plan.

For the situational analysis accompanying the Master Plan, the OIDCI Team will, among other tasks, establish stakeholder profiles and determine the physical and climatological attributes of the Bay. Gaps in, for example, infrastructure requirements and in the sustainability and management of the environment and natural resources will be identified as well as potential measures to address these. An Action Plan incorporating recommendations to best achieve intended results will be formulated, which will include a financing plan. The Master Plan will also have a communications plan for effective coordination and communication among concerned stakeholders.

The Master Plan will serve as a guide for decision-makers in the assessment and approval of programs/activities/projects (PAPs) for implementation within the Manila Bay area.

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