(2017 - 2023)

Client: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), DepEd-ARMM
Funding Source: DFAT
Partner: The Palladium Group (Lead Firm) and ACER, Australia

Contract duration: 2017 - 2023
Social Protection, Education, Health and Human Development; Governance and Decentralization; Peace-building and Post-conflict Reconstruction.

PROJ 2017 EducationPathways


Education Pathways to Peace (Pathways) aims to enhance the quality and capacity of basic education institutions in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Applying an adaptive programming lens, Pathways seeks to enhance prospects for peace in the conflict-affected region by utilising locally-led, politically-smart approaches to institutional capacity building.

The program has four components. Component 1 is focused on institutional strengthening, and includes the development and implementation of a
one-year priority technical assistance program to address urgent organizational and human resource development needs of DepEd-ARMM. Under this component, a series of institutional partner consultations and workshops will be undertaken to 1) build and strengthen relationships between and across stakeholders in education, and to 2) jointly develop and evaluate plans, policies and program content and operations.

Under Components 2 and 3, which focus on curriculum, learning, and delivery, and teachers, collaboration structures and mechanisms will be set up for curriculum and teacher training quality. C
ontextualisation of the curriculum for mother tongue and for ARMM will be undertaken to support the DepEd-ARMM’s Kindergarten Teacher Training roll-outs. For Component 4, which deals with policy, planning, and data, inventories will be produced, which can be used to better guide planning and policy-making. The inventory and profiling will cover, among others, 1) barangays that have no schools as well as least and underserved communities; 2) existing Alternative Learning Centers, including data on accreditation; and 3) indigenous schools/learning facilities, including identification of data sources for IP education statistics.

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