(2020 - 2021)

Client and Funding Source: Department of Tourism (DOT)
Partner: Frost and Sullivan, Singapore

Contract duration: 2020 - 2021
Theme and Strategy: 
Tourism; post-pandemic recovery; decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)



PROJ 2020 Consumer insight


This strategic research study aims to develop strategies that will maneuver through and revive the Philippine tourism sector post-COVID-19. It will provide a blueprint for strategy and a data-driven action plan to the Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DOT) as the country sets out to regain its international tourist market in 2021 and beyond. The study will also serve as a guide for the DOT in creating programs for women as well as the more vulnerable sectors of society as they recover from the crisis brought on by the pandemic. The consumer insight survey will largely cover three broad areas: 1) understanding travelers’ behavior and characteristics; 2) understanding how the Philippines is perceived as a leisure and business destination; and 3) gauging the awareness and effectiveness of Philippine tourism campaigns and promotional initiatives. 


A combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods is employed for the study. An online survey of more than 6,000 traveler-respondents is undertaken. The respondents are from 22 countries in Australia, Asia, Europe, Northern America, and Russia, covering the study’s identified target markets. The formulated semi-structured survey questionnaire goes through pilot testing and translation to local languages. An online survey software with multi-language capability is used; moderator and interview training are undertaken. Around 80 in-depth interviews (IDIs) with business travelers and 35 focus group discussions (FGDs) among leisure travelers, also from the 22 countries, are conducted (either face-to-face or online). In addition, workshops and interviews with various stakeholders in the Philippine tourism ecosystem are conducted.

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