(Extreme Poor : 2015)

Client and Funding Source: World Bank (WB)
Contract duration: 2015
Sample Activities: social and environmental safeguards; sustainable human settlement planning and management.


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The Multi-Method Survey of Extreme Poor in the Philippines is part of the global work of expanding the definition of poverty from measuring well-being of a population based only on income-related indicators to one that also gives weight to the population’s access to social services such as health, education, basic utilities and sanitation. Thus, the survey aims to compare the living standards of different groups of ultra poor people living in different areas, and understand the different causes of deprivations faced by these ultra poor people, which include indigenous peoples, informal settlers, urban homeless, indigent elderly and orphans.

Among the survey methodologies utilized for the assignment are social mapping, focus group discussions (FGD), and household interviews. Ten households in 20 selected communities were interviewed and FGDs conducted to understand their histories and economic status, particularly about their livelihood activities and related challenges, their marginalization and exclusion experience, and their coping mechanisms for economic shocks.   The selection of communities were distributed in four provinces in Luzon (including Metro Manila), two provinces in Visayas, and two provinces in Mindanao. Five field teams were deployed for the assignment.  

The study will contribute to the development of new poverty-related policies and programs and the enhancement of existing programs targeting the ultra poor sections of society.

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