Social Development Analysis for the Philippines Transaction Advisory for
Motor Vehicle Inspection System Project
(MVIS : 2014)

Client: NEDA PPP Center of the Philippines; Department of Transportation and Communications
Funding Source: Asian Development Bank
Partner: CPCS Transcom Limited, Canada
Contract duration: 2014

EVENT MVISSocial Devt2014The MVIS project of the PPP Center of the Philippines involves the development of a network of motor vehicle inspection centers nationwide. It aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and transparency of the inspection process by using primarily automated inspection methods that will be linked to the information system of the LTO. It is expected to play a crucial part in ensuring that the projected rapid growth in the motor vehicle population of the country is environmentally-sustainable and safe for citizens.

The Philippine government plans to establish the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) nationwide by November 2014. It contracted CPCS Canada as transaction adviser in establishing the viability and non-viability of the MVIS project. Part of the process of establishing the viability or non-viability of the project is a social development analysis. OIDCI was tapped to undertake this within the period January - March 2014.

The analysis involved the process of soliciting the participation of MVIS stakeholders (LTO, transport associations of tricycle, jeepney, bus, and taxi drivers and operators, and the riding public) to assess their perceived issues and concerns regarding the project, and their insights and ideas on how best to approach these concerns to pave the way for social acceptability of the MVIS.

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