(PMIS, 2012-2013)

The Orient Integrated Development Consultants Inc. (OIDCI) has been tapped to develop a Grants Management Information System (GMIS) for the Department of Education (DepEd) under the AusAID-funded Philippine’s Response to Indigenous People’s and Muslim Education (PRIME) Project. GMIS is a management tool envisaged to track the grant review, award and funding release processes at different decision levels within DepEd, and facilitate timely submission of status reports and accurate information on grant-funded activities. The system is designed to automatically issue alerts and notifications when grant-funded activities slips behind the targeted schedule or performance level, and when further Technical Assistance is needed.

The PRIME grants provide opportunities to GMISPic1DepEd and their partners to strengthen and make basic education programs and services more responsive to the distinctive culture and socio-economic conditions of Indigenous Peoples and Muslims in nine regions. Such grants may be used for a broad range of projects and activities at the national, regional, division and community levels. The project has adopted a decentralized grant management system, giving DepED’s regional and division offices significant roles in the review, approval and monitoring of these grants.

OIDCI has a team of system analysts and programmers working closely with the Office of Planning Service of the DepEd in developing the GMIS, which is expected to be completed by May 2013. This collaboration is important to make sure that the design meets the reporting requirements of AusAID, DepEd, and other national oversight agencies and that the software platform complements that being used by the DepEd. Since technology is forever in a flux, key functionalities such as accessibility via the internet, modularity and flexibility were taken into account by the team in developing the system.GMISPic2

The GMIS development assignment covers all phases of systems development: definition of system requirements and systems design; systems development, integration and testing; operational testing and implementation in PRIME areas.   Part of the responsibility of OIDCI is to make sure that this system is properly installed in the DepEd Central Office and in the regions, and that users at all levels are trained.

The web-based GMIS is being developed within the context of a broader unified information systems development effort within DepED. The GMIS actually constitutes Phase 1 of DepED’s Management Information System (PMIS). It therefore has to be consistent and compatible with the PMIS development plans, and current and planned IT infrastructure. The system must also be able to accommodate the management of other grant facilities implemented by DepED.

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