OIDCI completes pioneering PMS-OPES project in Northern Samar

PGNS is first LGU to have a customized and CSC-approved PMS

http://orient.com.ph/images/updatespix/pgns1-zoom.jpgOIDCI completed in April this year a handholding training under the Philippines-Australia Human Resource Development Facility (PAHRDF) for the Provincial Government of Northern Samar (PGNS) on customized “Development and Installation of a Performance Management System.” This training paved the way to a pioneering achievement in Performance Management System-Office Performance Evaluation System (PMS-OPES) application in the local government unit (LGU) setting.

The installation of a PMS in the entire civil service is based on the provisions in the Civil Service Laws and Rules as enumerated under Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 9917912, CSC Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 13, s. 1999, and CSC MC No. 7, s. 2007, to establish a culture of individual and collective efficiency, productivity, accountability, and performance-based security of tenure in the government. The PMS aims to effectively link employees’ performance to the organization’s vision, mission and strategic goals.

The OPES as a system for measuring the collective http://orient.com.ph/images/updatespix/pgns2-zoom.jpgperformance of individuals in an office or division, uses a point system to simplify the measurement process. It requires the creation of the PMS Output Table in which are listed the different outputs of the office together with the corresponding points per output, performance indicators, and operational definitions.

CSC had set the deadline of installation of the PMS to be in March and December this year for the national government agencies and the LGUs, respectively.

The outputs of this five-component training included a high quality customized PGNS Performance Management System that incorporated the CSC-OPES and PGNS’ current PES, a high quality customized Coaching Guide Manual to be used by managers in coaching staff on performance improvements, a high quality PGNS awards and incentive system to recognize best performers, and a six-month comprehensive roll-out implementation plan.

http://orient.com.ph/images/updatespix/pgns3-zoom.jpgThe CSC approved the new PGNS PMS on June 19 making the PGNS the first LGU to have a CSC-approved PMS.

Gov. Raul Daza called this achievement of his local government “…another vital milestone in the history of the Provincial Government of Northern Samar” and hoped that it will be “…an enduring memento of our quest for good governance and public accountability.”

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