OIDCI addresses frontline services
enhancement at the LMB

http://orient.com.ph/images/updatespix/lmb1-zoom.jpgTwenty-five (25) participants from the Land Management Bureau (LMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources completed this January the training, “Public Service Excellence Development Program,” which was designed to enhance the efficiency and institutional capability of the LMB in the performance of its frontline services. The training was sponsored by the Philippines-Australia Human Resource Development Facility (PAHRDF) and was implemented by the OIDCI.

The LMB is guided by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) rules and regulations on public service excellence. It has among others, the Mamamayan Muna Program, The Code of Ethical Standards, and the Publication of Service Guide, Workflow Charts and Service Pledges for reference and guidance of the LMB personnel and transacting clients. The training complemented what already exist in the bureau through the establishment of an internal and external client system, an effective feedback system, an integrated service delivery system in the bureau, and an accountability structure to deliver excellent customer service.

During the training, the participants were guided in http://orient.com.ph/images/updatespix/lmb2-zoom.jpgthe review of work processes and integration of these towards a more relevant and responsive customer service orientation, in the development of the Manual of Key Services of the LMB that shows the key steps to be undertaken by both the service provider and the customer, in the development of the pool of in-house Trainers that will conduct customer service orientations for all LMB employees and in the adoption of a Training Program Design with the corresponding instructional materials for this purpose, and in the formulation of a Physical Plan for the LMB Frontline Offices for a more productive workplace.

The Re-entry Action Plans (REAPs) focused on the implementation of the three major outputs of the training: the manual, the training program design, and the physical layout plan.

http://orient.com.ph/images/updatespix/lmb3-zoom.jpgThe OIDCI training team used highly participatory and activity-based learning methods to facilitate acquisition of KSAs (knowledge, skills and attitude), ensured organized coaching sessions to facilitate the application of learning and generate outputs, and undertook coordinated interventions and consultations to create management and stakeholder buy-in, generate ideas and suggestions to better address the needs and requirements of the LMB and its customers, and intensify support for the program’s bureau-wide implementation.

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