MSI-ROLE engages OIDCI in CTA streamlining project Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) Business Process Streamlining Project was awarded to the OIDCI in February by the Management Systems International (MSI) under its Rule of Law Effectiveness (ROLE) activity. This engagement is part of MSI-ROLE’s technical assistance to the CTA in the development and implementation of the latter’s Case Management Information System (CMIS). The CMIS is an automated system that is expected to enable the Court and its officials to assume closer and better control over the litigation process through a collaborative effort and thus make the Court function more effectively and efficiently.

This engagement covers the review of current policies,, tools and practices with a view of making recommendations for improvement where necessary; the identification of automation points in the case management processes; the harmonization of automation efforts with HR concerns; the presentation of change management interventions to facilitate adjustment with the CMIS; the institutionalization of these automation efforts; and the facilitation of consultative processes to lead to management and organization-wide buy-in of the automation efforts.

The deliverables for this project include a Case Management Process Guide that will describe the impact of process improvements to people, organizational structure, functions, job descriptions, and interactions between users, and that will provide a role-based view for specific users. The deliverables will also include a migration plan that will ensure a seamless transition of case processing from manual to automation.


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