(BEAM-ARMM's UMIS: 2014)


Client: Department of Education-ARMM
Funding Source: Australian Aid
Partner: Cardno Emerging Market (Managing Consultant)
Contract duration: 2014
Sample Activities: management information systems development


The BEAM-ARMM Program is a multi-year education program of the DepEd in ARMM in partnership with the Australian Government. The Program supports a wide spectrum of interventions with varying delivery modalities, done through donor partnerships, engagement of non-government organizations, and the Managing Contractor. The Unified Management Information System (UMIS) is under the unified monitoring and evaluation system of the BEAM-ARMM Program. It is designed as a web-based secured-access application that will store Program activities data for monitoring, reporting, and retrieval of information for further research.

OIDCI implemented the project in four stages. The first stage, overall planning and design, focused on the validation of software requirements specification to primary users; system concept planning and requirements analysis; and architectural design. The second stage covered Phase 1 and the third stage covered Phase 2 of the Development of Software Requirements. The final stage covered the handover of the system after the deployment of the Phase 2 version of the system, which included training of designated system administrators and deployment and go-live of the application software in the nominated server.

As part of the monitoring and evaluation system, the UMIS will promote accountability and transparency among key stakeholders through the efficient management of information among Program components.

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