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*Project: 2015 - Programme for Local Economic Development through Enhanced Governance and Grassroots Empowerment (PLEDGE)
*Project: 2015 - Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services Project (ARCCES)
*Project: 2015 - Survey Research on Housing and Livelihoods in Metro Manila's Informal Settlements (ISF)
*Project: 2014 - Development And Installation Of BEAM-ARMM's Unified Management Information System
*Project: 2014 - Formulation of Davao River Basin (DRB) Management And Development Plan
*Project: 2014 - Investment Enabling Environment (INVEST)
*Project: 2014 - Community Profile Survey under the JICA-AIDED Project on Rehabilitation and Recovery from Typhoon Yolanda
*Project: 2014 - Formulation of an Integrated Bicol River Basin Management and Development Master Plan (BRB)
*Project: 2014 - Access to land by Indigenous Peoples Group: Using Ethnographic methods to inform policy makers
*Project: 2014 - Expanded Small Water Utilities Improvement & Financing Proj. Phase 2 - Management of Accredited Technical Service Providers (ATSP)
*Project: 2014 - Agrarian Reform Communities Project II
*Project: 2014 - Social Development Analysis for the Philippines Transaction Advisory for Motor Vehicle Inspection System Project
*Project: 2013 - Program Management Information System
*Project: 2012 - LAMP2 Development Impact Study
*Project: 2012 - Philippines Grains Central Public Private Partnership Project
*Project: 2008 October - OIDCI in rural development project in Cambodia
*Project: 2008 June - OIDCI completes pioneering PMS-OPES project in Northern Samar
*Project: 2008 May - OIDCI addresses frontline services enhancement at the LMB
*Project: 2008 February - MSI-ROLE engages OIDCI in CTA streamlining project
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